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How to never rob your coffee of it's full potential again

July 18, 2019

How to never rob your coffee of it's full potential again

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For years, quite literally, we've been looking for a canister to hold our beans that we can proudly promote and we've finally found it. Fellow's Atmos Canisters use vacuum seal technology to separate the oxygen from your beans, and much like our relationship with all Fellow products - we've fallen in love. 

As an industry, there are a number of things we can do to reduce oxygen exposure to coffee. At Kōkako, we opt to have one-way valves on our bags, it's the little triangle sticker on the back of the bag you've probably never noticed! After roasting, coffee releases carbon dioxide gas at rates (up to 1000cc per 400g) for a period of days to weeks. This poses a problem as we package our coffee shortly after roasting, at the peak of its freshness; we do this because the compounds responsible for the aroma of freshly roasted beans are very susceptible to oxidation and can be lost quickly after roasting. The oxygen 'staling' causes off-flavours, and we (and everyone else in the supply chain) have worked way too hard on perfecting your beans to allow anything to be 'off'.

Without a one-way valve, the carbon dioxide would build up inside our packaging and could cause it to burst. Once upon a time, coffee roasters would puncture a small hole in the bag allowing the carbon dioxide to escape, this method, however, fails to keep outside containments from entering the bag - today's health and safety standards would never allow it! Lucky for us, an Italian company Goglio invented the one-way degassing valve well before our time, in the 1960s. The one-way valve allows carbon dioxide to escape while at the same time preventing oxygen and other contaminants from entering. So, it's all well and good while the coffee is sealed inside the bag you buy it in - the problem starts after your first brew. 

The Atmos Vacuum Sealed Canisters, find one for home here, are the crème de la crème when it comes to storing your coffee after opening the bag. With a few quick swivels of the lid, the oxygen inside the canister is expelled and a green dot appears to let you know it's sealed, your coffee is no longer exposed to oxygen. When you are ready to brew just press the centre-mounted button, releasing the pressure, and away you go.

Fellow always produce high-quality products and the Atmos is no exception. These canisters have been in development since the spring of 2014 (released late 2018) so you can trust they spent some quality time perfecting them. The main part of the canisters are made from sturdy 18/8 stainless steel with a hard-wearing matte black powder-coat, they will stand up to years of use. The lid is the workhorse - where all the oxygen sucking magic is kept. So, have we convinced you that the old mason jar isn't the best spot for your beans anymore? Follow this link to grab an Atmos for home. 



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