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Atmos Vacuum Coffee Canisters

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Oxygen makes coffee stale and robs your brew of its full potential. These Atmos matte black stainless steel canisters keeps air and moisture out to stop your beans from aging out before you’ve enjoyed the whole bag. The integrated vacuum pump prevents oxidation and extend coffee’s shelf life up to 50%. 

To seal just twist the lid back and forth, this will remove air from the inside the canister, and watch the dot on the vacuum lock indicator drop to reveal a green ring. When the contents of your Atmos are calling your name, press the easy release button to unlock and bring the air pressure back to normal.

Please note if you are storing ground coffee (or any other powdered substance – flour, etc) it is best to keep the grinds inside the bag you purchased them in. This is because over time the grinds can clog the vacuum lid and cause the seal to leak. A link to how to clean the vacuum lid, if this does happen, is included inside the box.

While these are the perfect canisters for coffee they're also great storage for cereal, nuts, cookies or whatever else could benefit from the banishment of air.

Please do not place Atmos upside down while storing content inside. These are not dishwasher safe – for best cleaning practices, please refer to Fellow's Instructions and Safety Guide.