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What I Know About Running Coffee Shops

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Colin Harmon is a four-time Irish Barista Champion and owner of Dublin's 3fe Coffee, one of the world's most innovative and progressive speciality coffee shops. His work in coffee has extended to roasting, training and consultancy work, as well as developing coffee equipment for the speciality market and beyond.

What I Know About Running Coffee Shops is drawn from Colin's experience in building 3fe from a one-man cart in a nightclub lobby to the internationally renowned business it is today. The lessons, stories and guidelines offer a unique and honest insight into the day to day realities of what many people see as their dream job.

Industry Insights – Having immersed himself within the Hospitality Industry, Colin Harmon draws on years of experience with objective standards balanced with subjective opinions.

A prospective of starting at the beginning – The trials and tribulations of opening 3 cafes in 3 years.