Single Origin Ethiopia | Guji

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Flavour Profile Lemondade, Plum & Wine
Cooperative Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union in the Sidamo Provence of Southern Ethiopia
The Growers Ethiopia is a very diverse country with more than 80 different ethnic groups who are proudly tribal. For many years the Guji Oromo people have been forced, by the Ethiopean government's naming regulations, to sell their coffee under the name Sidamo - a large coffee growing region where the predominate tribe is the Sidama people. The Oromo farmers wanted their coffee to carry their own name so for many year petitioned the government to sell their coffee as Guji, and finally they've succeeded. In the Guji Oromo farms of the Sidamo region the main rains finish only a few weeks before the coffee ripens, so when it does it is still full and juicy.

Fairtrade & Biogro Certified

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