Natural Process Honduras | La Casita

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This natural process coffee will test your palate. With notes of rock melon & grape and a vanilla sweetness, it has a full refined body and a lingering sweet fruity finish. This coffee is best enjoyed as a soft brew, for this reason there is no 'ground for espresso' option above

Flavour Profile Rock Melon, Vanilla & Grape
Cooperative From the farm of Fabio Claros (Finca La Casita) in the Marcala region of Western Honduras.
Finca La Casita The name of Fabio's farm La Casita means little house. Fabio began farming conventionally in 1976 - he's now 77 years old and still going strong. In 2011 his coffee plantation was over run with leaf rust, a devastating disease. That same year he met Mike Safai (who he calls his angel) from SAFAI Coffee. Mike supported him while he replanted his farm organically and joined the COMSA cooperative. By 2012 he was back in action. 

Fabio says that after he made the change to organic production he "started to process natural coffees and reached 90 point in the cup of excellence". He believes "the coffee tree naturally has all the blessings that Mother Nature gives" and that we must do our best not to ruin that quality.

Fairtrade & Biogro Certified

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