Cascara — Coffee Cherry Tea

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Cascara, which means husk or skin in Spanish, sits somewhere between coffee and tea. We've been working closely with Debbrah Yassah from Neknasi Coffee Cooperative in Papua New Guinea on this cascara project since we first met her in May 2017. Debbrah along with some of the other women farmers from the cooperative collect, sun-dry and bag the coffee cherry for tea for us. We hope it will become an important second revenue stream for these people.  Even though it comes from the coffee plant you'll be surprised, it doesn't taste anything like it nor does it have the same caffeine content. 

Tasting Notes: Dried Cherry and Granny Smith Apple.

Cooperative: Neknasi Coffee Growers Cooperative Society (452 members from 8 villages encompassing 43 tribes) — Papua New Guinea.

Geography: Located approximately 3 hours from the port city of Lae in the Morobe Province of PNG. 1260 – 1290 MASL, 152 hectares of mixed coffee tree varietals across 380,000 coffee trees.

Certifications: Please not that while this product comes from Fairtrade organic farms it is not yet certified. Neknasi cooperative achieved Fairtrade certification for its coffee in early 2011. To meet their Fairtrade certification the coffee and pulp are produced using organic methods with no chemical inputs. Kōkako is committed to assisting these producers to achieve Fairtrade and Organic certification for this particular product. Read more about our Cascara Project on our blog.

Brew Guide: 1 cup = 15g Cascara - 250 grams water at 95 degrees. Allow to steep for 5 minutes. Best enjoyed after 3-5 minutes of cooling to enhance sweetness. Ratio can be adjusted up or down to suit strength preference. *Note that the dried cascara will increase in size during steeping, so make sure your diffuser is big enough!