Pre-paid 3-Month Subscription


Gifting a coffee subscription to a friend (or yourself!) means their favourite cup will never go dry and it’s all paid upfront. We’ll send them a rotation of our blends and single origins and give them a shout when the sub is coming to an end — no one wants to be cut off without warning!

If you’re gifting a subscription, be sure to put your friend’s details in the shipping section and your own details in the billing, or let us know at the checkout if you'd rather we shipped a physical voucher instead.

    We're flexible

    Your friend can adapt their gifted subscription to suit their lifestyle by changing the delivery schedule or putting their orders on hold as needed.

    Pre-paid 3-Month Subscription

    Once a month
    Whole Beans

    Subscription cost includes shipping. Subscriptions ship every Wednesday.

    Our Packaging is Compostable

    He wairākau ā mātau putunga

    Our packaging is made in NZ from sustainably-produced wood pulp and GM-free corn sources, and meets international composting standards

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