The Roastery

Our Roastery is located at 9 Charles St, Mt Eden, Auckland. Please note that our roastery is not open to the public - get in touch if you'd like to come visit us.
We are committed to excellence and innovation in specialty coffee. We are passionate about our industry and have a strong focus on building long term relationships from crop to cup.
We do this by focusing on three main principles:
Quality  |  Sustainability  |   Service



Our focus on quality is the reason that we work with various co-operatives and traders to source green coffee which, once we have roasted it, tastes amazing. We buy from specific origins that we have found to be reliable and where the flavor profile matches our expectation for a consistently well-rounded cup of coffee.

Our Head Coffee Roaster leads a dedicated team of coffee professionals from a purpose built coffee roastery in Mount Eden, Auckland. We have been roasting coffee for over 15 years, and it is with this experience and knowledge that we are able to produce exemplary coffee blends and single origin coffees suitable for both espresso and filter brewing methods. For more about our specific coffee offerings please visit the Shop section of our website.

We only specify the highest quality, brand new coffee equipment for our customers and we represent some of the best coffee equipment brands in the industry.

Cupping and Sensory Evaluation
We also regularly ‘cup’ our coffee daily at our roastery in Mount Eden. Cupping is the industry standard for evaluating the quality and consistency of each coffee origin that we buy. It ensures that every origin we buy, blend and roast can stand up to our quality standards. If you’d like to join us for a coffee cupping, please phone ahead in advance.

To discuss how we can add significant value to your existing café or future project please email us at or call us on 09 3792868.


At Kokako we have, and continue to, build sustainable initiatives into our business. We believe that sustainability is part of our DNA, and it’s for this reason we have spent the past 6 months working our first open source Sustainability Report evaluating our performance. To download or read the report online – click here.

Kokako & Fairtrade
We are strong advocates for Fairtrade and ethical procurement of our green beans and cocoa/sugar. All Kokako Coffee and Drinking Chocolate has ‘third party verification’ from both Fairtrade and Biogro NZ, to ensure it meets stringent Fairtrade and organic certification standards.

Our focus on Fairtrade supports coffee growers, by covering sustainable production costs and protecting farmers from market downturns. Fairtrade also allows coffee farmers, within their co-ops, to invest in their own local, social, economic and environmental projects. Relationships throughout the supply chain are important to us – from the grower, to the co-op, all the way to you, the customer.

For more about our commitment to our Fairtrade and our adventures to the co-ops, view our blog here.

Our commitment to sustainability is not driven by necessity to ‘become greener’ but fostered by our belief that it is smarter for business, better for the environment and the people within it.

Kokako and the community
We are also involved in a range of community initiatives. The most prominent is Rotoehu Ecological Trust.

We help with coffee sponsorship for events and volunteer days and provide a portal for any website sales of Kokako Coffee where the key word “ROTOEHU” is used to provide a retail margin rebate back to the Trust.

Sustainability and our Grey Lynn Cafe
We are big advocates for waste reduction, so have a comprehensive waste sorting system. Our packaging is sourced from compostable packaging champions Innocent. We separate cardboard which is recycled separate to glass and plastics, we use Lovenotes for waste office paper up-cycling and our compostables are collected by We Compost who ensure that any food offcuts, coffee chaff or food waste is turned into fertilizer.



Good service can only be created by good people. And for us, good people are what we are all about. Our team of coffee professionals have the knowledge and experience to help you create a compelling coffee offering for your business.

Kokako is a member of the NZSCA (New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association). We continually seek to increase the knowledge of our team and our customers. This is done through professional development courses in coffee roasting, cupping and tasting; as well as advanced barista training and our ‘train the trainer’ workshops.

Our senior staff travel regularly to research advances in the industry, both at coffee origin and within the international coffee community – destinations include Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, Melbourne, Sydney, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon.

Our team has an extensive history in coffee. We take training incredibly seriously, as we expect our coffee to taste amazing and for our customers to get a great coffee experience.