Our German Roaster, Gunther – Kokako Organic Coffee Roasters

Our German Roaster, Gunther

Meet Gunther, he's an industry leading Probat Probatone 25kg roaster from Germany. He's one of the most technologically advanced roasters in the world and he's used in conjunction with a custom-built afterburner and coffee bean de-stoner to further improve quality control of our coffee.

Gunther roasts some of the best certified Fairtrade Organic Coffee in New Zealand and our roastery team, Chris, Sam & Cam, use an advanced roast-profiling software from Cropster in Austria to help him along. Cropster is recognized as the world’s leading roast profiling software and allows our roasters to measure and track exacting variables on every roast to optimize flavour and quality relative to each origin that we roast. 

 Would you like to come in and meet Gunther in the flesh? We host regular open cuppings at our Mt Eden roastery that we'd love you to join us for. Get in touch