If you own a café or are looking to start a new hospitality project and are seeking to align yourself with a quality driven brand, we should talk. At Kokako, it is our preference to work in collaboration with you, rather than just as a supplier of coffee.

How Kokako adds value
We have a comprehensive way of adding value to our customers through focusing on quality, good design, great staff, training, and the ability to work with you to ensure that your hospitality business is going to have a competitive advantage in the market.

We are focused on sustainable growth at the quality end of the market. What do we mean by that? We champion organic or Fairtrade coffees and we encourage working relationships with customers who care as much as we do about quality and sustainability.

A Robust Partnership
We care deeply about cultivating relationships with like-minded hospitality professionals and actively seek out those ‘at the top of their game’ to ensure that the Kokako brand is aligned with the best. We work with leading hospitality operators, many of whom lead their category.

We work with progressive partners that allow us to maintain our professional integrity and point of difference. This gives our existing and prospective customers every confidence that we are not driven by the amount of coffee accounts we have, but rather by the quality of people and businesses we work with. When customers see the Kokako logo they can be assured of a quality coffee experience.