Cold Brew

Unfortunately we don't sell our Cold Brew coffee online but you can click here and select 'find our Cold Brew' on the map search to find a retailer or cafe that sells it.


Kokako Cold Brew Coffee is produced using our Fairtrade Organic Coffee ground into both a paper and mesh filter and steeped in cold filtered water for 8 hours. It is a different product to Iced Coffee, which is produced hot and then chilled.

Cold Brew Coffee typically has less acidity than conventionally brewed coffee and as such is better for your body’s pH levels. The cold water extracts less of the soluble acid from the beans and draws out more sweetness. It’s a smooth, refreshing and healthy alternative to hot coffee. Best of all it contains no dairy and no sugar – quite simply it is one of the most natural ways to consume coffee.

Cold Brew is a ready to drink, smooth and refreshing beverage with floral, fruity & earthy notes.

We recommend Kokako Cold Brew Coffee be enjoyed chilled over ice and is particularly good as an afternoon refresher. It also works well paired with non- dairy alternatives such as coconut milk or as a mixer in cocktails.