Coffee for your office

We supply coffee to some awesome New Zealand businesses and workplaces – those who value the coffee experience of their staff and clients. If you (or your boss!) still need convincing that Kōkako is the one for you, here are some benefits to consider: 

We understand your needs
Our staff will work with your team to ascertain your weekly coffee needs, equipment and training requirements. Once we have all your details, we can set you up on a weekly standing order. Your coffee will be roasted fresh and shipped on a Friday, so that you receive your coffee via courier every Monday. Alternatively our customer service team can call your office weekly to ascertain your coffee requirements – that way you can always be assured of fresh quality coffee in the office. 

Easy payment and billing
We have a simple account setup form and all our customers are on weekly Direct Debit. We provide a tax invoice with every delivery and weekly correspondence via email to your accounts team on direct debit payments. 

Become a Fairtrade workplace
You are most likely aware of the benefits of buying organic and Fairtrade coffee for the office, but did you know that your workplace and business can also be accredited by Fairtrade if you stock Fairtrade products? Fairtrade delivers economic, environmental and social benefits to producers. These benefits add commercial value to workplaces supporting Fairtrade. Fairtrade is beneficial to producers by supporting business development to help create a more sustainable community. Moreover, by supporting Fairtrade you and your company can be assured of supply chain transparency and you should also notice higher staff morale since the coffee you serve is ethically sourced. 

How to become a Fairtrade certified workplace: 

1. Fairtrade certified tea and coffee are served as the default option in kitchenette, canteens, at meetings, after services, and at other events where tea and coffee are used.

2. Your organisation actively promotes Fairtrade to staff, clients, members or customers. Posters can be placed on noticeboards, stickers placed in windows, information sheets left in staff rooms in order to publicise Fairtrade and inform staff and the wider community of the principles behind Fairtrade.

3. Note that any formal workplace accreditation is performed by FTAANZ and if you’d like to know more please email us on or visit 

Good office coffee means better productivity 
Having good quality coffee available in the office prevents team members needing to go off-site for their daily (or sometimes more than daily) coffee. The additional cost per cup is the equivalent of one minute of time saved, i.e. if going offsite takes 10 minutes the lost productivity is 10 times the cost of providing Kōkako in house!

To get Kōkako coffee set up in your workplace please email us at or give us a call on 09 379 2868.