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Brew Guide: Moccamaster

The Moccamaster is made by Technivorm, a Dutch manufacturer founded
in 1964. Each unit is hand made and assembled, with many new versions made
over the years to create various colourways and shapes. 

The Moccamaster brews 1.25l of delicious filter coffee, quietly and efficiently,
in under 6 minutes — straight into its glass carafe. Simple to use, you can
even get the brew started and walk away if you’re a busy household, the
Moccamaster does the pouring for you!

You will need

Technivorm Moccamaster

— Moccamaster #4 paper filter

— Adjustable burr grinder


— 60g fresh Kōkako coffee per 1000g (1L) of water.

     To make a full 1.25L brew, use 75g coffee

— 1250g (1.25L) filtered room temperature water

1. Ensuring the on/off button at the bottom of the unit is switched off,
place the paper filter into the filter basket, folding down the closed
edges to fit inside the basket. Rinse with some water to wash away
any paper fibres, and set the flow valve on the side of the basket to
closed (the bottom setting).

2. Grind your coffee on a medium-coarse filter grind, transfer into the
filter, and put the filter basket in place on the unit. Place the thermos
or carafe under the coffee filter basket.

3. Fill the water reservoir on top of the unit to number 10 (1.25L).

4. Turn on the Moccamaster, and allow the water to automatically drip
into the filter basket until it reaches number 8 on the reservoir. At this
point, give the filter basket a gentle shake from left to right, or a gentle
stir with a wooden stirrer. This is the blooming process. Then lift the
flow valve to fully open (the top setting) and allow the rest of the
water to drip through.  This should take about 5 minutes, until the
reservoir is empty. 

5. Once all the water has filtered through the coffee grinds, discard
the filter. You can compost both the grounds and paper filter.
Your delicious filter coffee is now ready to enjoy.


— Use high quality, freshly ground coffee beans for the best tasting
brew. But if you don’t have access to your own grinder, get your
coffee pre-ground to a medium-coarse filter grind.

— The 1:16 ratio recipe we use is what we enjoy most, and a great
place to start. But feel free to change your coffee to water ratio a
little to find the perfect taste for you!

— If you’re rushing around and needing your Moccamaster to do its
thing while you’re busy, set the flow valve to open from the beginning
and let the water run through from start to end.