Brew Guide: Espresso – Kokako Organic Coffee Roasters

Brew Guide: Espresso

It is possible to recreate your favourite barista made flat white,
long black, or any other espresso based drink on a home espresso
machine! Though baristas often go through rigorous training and spend
many hours a week behind the machine to perfect their technique, below
are the basics of making a double shot of espresso on an espresso
machine. Every machine works differently, producing varying results,
however these are the recipes and basic steps we use to prepare espresso. 

You will need

— Espresso machine

— Adjustable burr grinder

— Scales

— Tamper

— Fresh Kōkako Coffee

— fresh filtered water to fill up the water tank

Recommended Kokako Coffee Recipe

Dose (coffee in)  18g
Yield (coffee out) 36g
Extraction 28-30 seconds

Mahana or Swiss Water Decaf
Dose (coffee in) 19g
Yield (coffee out) 34g
Extraction 25-28 seconds

Turn on and preheat the espresso machine including the porta-filter.
This can take up to 30minutes for some machines, so get your machine
warming up in advance.

Wipe the portafilter basket  clean with dry cloth.
Ensure all basket holes are clear.
Both moisture and leftover grounds might make your espresso taste
astringent and bitter.

Place your portafilter on the scale and tare to zero, then fill the
portafilter basket with 18g of Aotea ground coffee.
This way you can be sure that your extraction will be correct because
your dose won’t be too much or little.

Distribute the coffee grinds evenly in the portafilter basket.
Most likely your grinder will dose the grounds to the portafilter’s basket
to a mountain shape. When distributing, the aim is for a  consisting of an
even and spread flat mass of grinds: no air pockets, divots, or cracks.
Bad distribution can lead to channelling and uneven extraction.

Tamp evenly and consistently.
The aim of tamping is to remove any air pockets in the coffee puck and to
collapse clumps of grinds (if you turned the portafilter upside down, the
coffee wouldn’t fall out.). Pay attention that the puck is horizontally leveled
so that you avoid channeling and uneven extraction. 

Flush your group head before inserting the portafilter to the group head,
you might want to rinse the group head to remove any old coffee.

Insert the portafilter and start brewing immediately.
If you don’t start brewing immediately, the heat from the group head can burn
the surface of your coffee which leads to bitter note in the cup.

Be aware of the yield & brew time.
There should be a short delay before the coffee pours, between 3-8 seconds
depending on your machine. Then the first part of the extraction will begin to
drip from the spout then develop into a gentle, even stream and stop the shot
to make 36g of espresso. This will take about 30 seconds.

Discard the puck, clean the basket and rinse the group head.

— Use high quality, fresh ground coffee beans and filtered water for best results.
—  Keep your espresso machine and grinder clean. You can’t make good coffee
      if your machine is dirty or in need of repair.