Brew Guide: Clever Dripper – Kokako Organic Coffee Roasters

Brew Guide: Clever Dripper

The Clever Dripper’s design and functionality sits it somewhere between 
a plunger and a pour over brewer – it is an immersion brewer, which has
a unique valve underneath, allowing control of water flow. This achieves
both a full-bodied and clean cup – the best of both worlds in one very
easy to use brewer.


You will need

Clever Dripper

— Paper filter, we use the #4 Moccamaster filters

— Adjustable burr grinder


Programmable water boiler or kettle

Pour-over kettle

— 25g fresh Kōkako Coffee

— 400g fresh, filtered water and additional

     for rinsing your paper filter

1. Add filtered water to your kettle and boil to 95°C. If you do not
have a temperature programmable water kettle, boil the kettle
and leave it to stand for around 45 seconds -  the water should
then be close to 95°C.  

2. Fold the closed edges of the paper filter down, and place the filter
inside the Clever Dripper. Thoroughly rinse the filter with hot water to
remove the papery taste, then discard this water. This helps the paper
sit well, and also heats the Clever Dripper.

3. Weigh out 25g of whole bean coffee and grind medium-coarse
(slightly finer than plunger grind), pour into Clever Dripper and place
on the scale. Tare the scale to zero.

4. Pour in 75g of water, just enough to wet the grinds. This will initiate
the “bloom” period. Start the timer from the moment the water hits the
coffee and allow the bloom to stand for around 30 seconds.

5. Pour the remaining 325g of water gently in a circular motion.
Put the lid on top for heat retention. 

6. At about 2:30 to 3 minutes, you can draw down the coffee.
To do this, take the Clever Dripper off the scale and place it atop
a carafe or mug. This activates the draining valve, which allows
the coffee to draw down. Let this continue until the coffee bed is
level — it should not take more than 90 seconds (adjust your
grind accordingly if this takes too long).


— Use high quality, fresh ground coffee beans and filtered water for
best results. But if you don’t have access to your own grinder, get your
coffee pre-ground to a medium-coarse grind.

— Always pour in a slow and controlled way. To achieve this we
recommend a gooseneck kettle.

— This recipe follows a 1:16 ratio — this can be adjusted according to how
much coffee you’d like to brew, and depending on your personal preference.

— If you do not have scales, you can estimate the amount of coffee and
water required. 25g of coffee should sit approximately at the rounded
bottom part of the dripper, and 400g water will reach between the top
of the filter paper and the top of the vertical lines on the dripper.