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The Paper Filter Station by ODDTHING

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Are your coffee filters stashed away in a cupboard? With The Paper Filter Station by ODDTHING, you can now display your coffee filter papers alongside your brewing equipment for the ready. The simplistic, yet highly functional form and internal component mean that The Paper Filter Station nicely fits Chemex, Hario V60 or Moccamaster filter papers.

With a growing trend towards preparing filtered coffee at home, James Wotton and Henry Caird observed that people had nowhere to store their coffee filter papers. So they decided to create one. New Zealand designer Henry Caird designed and developed 'The Paper Filter Station' for ODDTHING. It is made up of two main components, formed from a flat piece of aluminium. Edges are rounded and then coated to eliminate the industrial feeling of metal while maintaining its durable characteristics.

ODDTHING works with designers and manufacturers to offer thoughtful objects that are good-looking, long-lasting and nice to use. ODDTHING strive to make designed objects more accessible over less meaningful mass-manufactured alternatives. Their brand values unique characteristics, refined aesthetics and functional form.

ODDTHING are Auckland based and work with designers and makers both locally and abroad.

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