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Meet the Team : Yurie Miura

August 17, 2020

Meet the Team : Yurie Miura

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Since our Commercial Bay team are currently spending a bit of time at home (Covid, you dick) we thought it's high time to continue introducing them to you.

Meet Yurie. We first met Yurie when she landed a job as a barista at Postal Service and it's been an absolute pleasure to get to know this talented woman ever since. Potter, part-time sourdough baker (@ikigai_sourdough), bad-ass barista (obviously right?) and the other half to the equally talented @grit.n.grams.

Read her interview below.

What is your first memory of coffee?
"Latte" from the vending machine in Japan. It was like coffee flavoured milk with lots of sugar...

What do you love most about working in the coffee industry?
I can meet lots of cool people! (Most of my friends are from working in the coffee industry.)

And how did you end up working with coffee?
The first time I came to NZ about 4 years ago, I couldn't drink coffee at all. But started drinking milk coffee and when I saw the beautiful latte art, I wanted to make one too.

Where were you before here?
Postal Service cafe

And what made you want to work with us at Commercial Bay?
I want to learn more about coffee and I also wanted to work for a company which has a passion for sustainability and fairness towards people. 

Best coffee moment to date?
Patricia in Melbourne. They are small place and packed inside with a line outside to order coffee. There were 6 or 7 baristas behind the bar and even they were very busy, they make eye contact with customers and talking and laughing. I want these moment to happen at our Commercial Bay store :)

Patricia — photography by Letícia Almeida for Broadsheet.

If you could use only one piece of brewing equipment for the rest of your life, what would that be?
Aeropress! Easy, fast, delicious, can take anywhere (camping or even on the plane).

What coffee have you been enjoying lately?
I generally like Kenya coffee. But I also like Ethiopia, Rwanda, Costa Rica too.

Your favourite drink, when not drinking coffee?
Oat milk chai or roasted dandelion tea, green tea.

And when you’re not pulling shots, what will we find you doing?
Baking sourdough, making potteries, walking my dog are three of my favourite things to do!



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