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Steeped in family history: Introducing our new single origin

May 09, 2022

Steeped in family history: Introducing our new single origin

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Our new single origin comes from a coffee farm in Arenales in Santa Maria (La Paz), Honduras, called Californeo Junior, which is part of the COMSA cooperative. Kōkako has been purchasing coffee from this progressive Fairtrade, organic cooperative for about six years. They’re renowned for producing really interesting, high-quality coffee, so we’re excited to shine the spotlight on it in this new release.

Honduras single origin from Kōkako sitting on shelf

The man behind the farm is Melvin Alonzo, a second generation coffee farmer who entered the world of coffee at a young age alongside his father, Oscar Omar Alonzo. Oscar has a prestigious reputation in the region for producing excellent specialty coffee from his farm, Californeo. When Melvin decided to go out on his own, he paid tribute to his dad, naming his own farm Californeo Junior.

Melvin Alonzo coffee farmer from Honduras

Melvin’s motto is “from organic comes the best”. Finca Californeo Junior is positioned at an excellent altitude with an equally excellent climate, enhancing their organic practices and soil conservation as well as the protection of flora and fauna. On top of producing great coffee, the farm is known for being a place to relax, walk along the paths and observe the multitude of birds that inhabit it.

At Finca Californeo Junior, they experiment with different drying processes and techniques, producing unique, high-quality specialty coffee year after year. Our new release is a naturally processed coffee, meaning the coffee is dried (naturally) with the cherries intact.

The cherries are harvested when they’re perfectly ripe with pickers carefully discarding any green or dry cherries. Once the coffee is cleaned, it’s placed in the solar dryer, or the shade-drying system where it remains for more than 20 days until it reaches the right moisture level. Throughout the entire process, the coffee is constantly turned so that it dries uniformly.

Californeo Junior single origin Kōkako

This single origin has all the delicious fruitiness you expect from a naturally processed coffee, with a flavour profile of raspberry, blackberry jam and chocolate. It has a light-medium roast profile and is suited to all brew methods, but we recommended pour-over brewing or a Clever Dripper for the best results. Grab a bag and try it for yourself.


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