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Meet the Team: Dan Sowerby

November 20, 2020

Meet the Team: Dan Sowerby

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In amongst the weirdness of Auckland's second lockdown a couple of months ago, we welcomed (at a distance) our newest roastery team member, Dan. More often than not, Dan is out on the road servicing and fixing our outposts' machines, but we managed to catch him for a quick chat so we can properly introduce our latest addition to the team, who's also a rad dad and home beer brewer (Dan has hinted at installing a keg of his home brew at the roastery one day, we are waiting patiently!) Read on for our quick chat with Dan.

How long have you been with Kōkako and what is your role?

Just over two months and going fast. I generally all thing technical (servicing, breakdown emergency callouts, Nitro Cold Brew setups, etc) and I also do some barista training.

What is your first coffee-related memory, and how did you come to work in the industry?

My first coffee related memory worth mentioning is at one of my first jobs out of high school at, let’s say, a well known timber yard. Someone was teaching me how to use the coffee machine (which was fully automatic), he said "this is the best way, what you do is get an empty 2ltr milk bottle, give it a rinse and bend it to fit under the outlet. Fill it to the top with about 8 mochas, add a few sugars and then you have coffee all day." Thankfully things have evolved since then, but at least he was recycling (and thankfully for us, Dan's learnt a thing or two about coffee etiquette since then!)

What is your go-to coffee?

Long black or Nitro Cold Brew... I can’t decide, it depends on the weather.

And your favourite beverage when not drinking coffee?

Beer by a landslide. Followed closely by water.

What's your dream espresso bar equipment lineup?

La Marzocco! Kōkako Commercial Bay nailed it for me, how could you want for anything more?

The technician's van has the best sound system out of our fleet. What's the best music to blast driving between jobs?

I’m more of a podcast listener, but you could catch me listening to George FM or a bit of Flume from time to time.

What can we find you doing when you're not at work?

Spending time with my young toddler Adam or playing football.


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