Let's hear it for the girls! - Tokiko Matsuoka

March 03, 2018

Let's hear it for the girls! - Tokiko Matsuoka

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We first met Tokiko when she applied to be a barista at Kōkako Cafe - Grey Lynn when it first opened in 2012. She got the job! And soon enough she was promoted to managing the cafe. But Queenstown called, the town where her and her partner met, and we've been missing her ever since!

When did you first start working with coffee?
I started working with coffee in 2004 at the cafe in Japan....no espresso machine, with Nel Drip coffee!

What’s your go-to home coffee preparation method?
V60 because it easy to travel with and makes a great cup!

Who’s the most fascinating person coffee has connected you with?
 Mike Murphy... of course! (That's Kōkako Organic Coffee's Managing Director)

What’s been the hardest skill to perfect in coffee making so far and why?
Constantly making a perfect cup of coffee from a sometimes inconsistent natural product. This also includes understanding variations in roasting style as well as the beans themselves.

Coffee beans flavour can change every day due to the beans themselves, the roasting, the environment the coffee is being prepared and stored in. All of this becomes a baristas biggest challenge.

Outside of making coffee, what do you enjoy doing?
Yoga and cooking!! I'm a qualified yoga instructor and have been practicing for many years. I also love to cook Japanese food.

Where do you get your caffeine fix?
In Auckland - Catalyst & Camper Coffee 
In Queenstown - Odelay cafe or Kōkako Coffee at my home! 

Do you remember what was your biggest day on the machine and how many coffees you made?
Approximately 450 - 500 cups on a day of coffee by myself and 700 - 800 cups on a day with someone else on the machine with me.

We're all patiently waiting for Tokiko to shake up the coffee scene of Queenstown, watch this space!


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