Full of Beans – Kokako Organic Coffee Roasters

Full of Beans

We’re thrilled to introduce our shiny new roaster, and in true Kokako tradition, ‘he’ already has a name.

Late last month we took very proud delivery of our shiny new Probat Probatone 25kg Roaster. It was built to order in the Probat factory in Germany, and represents a significant investment and an exciting leap forward in build quality and roasting efficiency. Unlike our previous two roasters, this one is not a ‘she’ – in fact ‘his’ name is Gunther, a title true to the roaster’s German origin.

The new roaster is highly adaptable and efficient. It comes with proprietary roast profiling software which enables our Head Roaster Chris to track the roast profile (time VS temperature) of every roast, relative to its batch size and green bean origin. This means we can continue to perfect each origin’s roast profile and then save and replicate these for successive batches of the same origin.

We are also finding that gas stability and temperature control are excellent, allowing Chris to better manipulate each roast to fully develop the flavour profile of each roast in the important final minutes of the roasting cycle.

Tim from Wolff Coffee Roasters in Brisbane (agents for Probat in Australasia) helped us commission the roaster. It did get a few knocks on its journey from Germany but they were only cosmetic and are being sorted out.