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New release Ejo Heza — Farmed by Females

Our latest Single Origin coffee release, Rwanda Ejo Heza, was farmed by a group of women who govern their own land. You might ask - why is that such a big deal?

According to the International Coffee Organisation’s (ICO) 2018 reportwomen provide up to 70 percent of labour in coffee production (depending on region) but only 20 to 30 percent of coffee farms are female-operated. Traditionally, and sadly still, women have systematically had lower access to resources like land, credit and information/education, than men. The amount of female coffee farmers is ever-increasing but, the decision-making roles are still largely in the hands of men - that's what makes Ejo Heza special.

The devastating 1994 Rwandan genocide left many women widowed and the country's population became 70% female in as few as 100 days. In response, a resilient community in Rwanda’s Western Province founded Ejo Heza, an all-female subgroup of the Kopakama Coffee Cooperative, to support the coming together of women hard at work rebuilding their country. Ejo Heza translates from Kinyarwanda to 'A Beautiful Tomorrow'. In 2013, Kopakama purchased a plot of land to be owned and collectively farmed by the 200+ female group. Ejo Heza harvest coffee from this communal plot, along with beans grown in their own family plots, for the Kopakama Cooperative. By growing, harvesting, and selling their own coffee, these women earn an independent income enabling them to support their families. 

Our Ejo Heza Single Origin coffee is certified Fairtrade organic with notes of raspberry, cocoa and lime. You can find a bag for home right here.

Below are some images from the cooperative kindly shared with us by Ruth Church of Artisan Coffee Imports.