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Bom dia Brasil — Our first Brazilian single

February 01, 2022

Bom dia Brasil — Our first Brazilian single

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Brazil is renowned for its coffee — unsurprising since roughly a third of the world's supply is grown there! But for us at Kōkako, Brazil has always been a little out of reach as we've struggled to find certified Fairtrade, organic beans from the South American producers... that is until now.

We're very excited to introduce Poço Fundo to you — our new (BRAZILIAN!) single origin. Not only is the origin rare for Kōkako, the processing method is also one we don't come by often. These beans are naturally processed, so unlike the more common 'washed' coffees (where the coffee cherry is removed from the beans before they're left to dry out), these beans dry with the fruit intact. This usually produces really flavourful coffees, with out-of-the-box notes and characteristics. Plus, the method saves a tonne of water.

For those of you who are familiar with naturals, Poço Fundo isn't the funky fruit bomb you'd expect. Leaning more towards classic Brazilian flavours, this approachable crowd pleaser is silky smooth with a delicious profile of chocolate, vanilla and treacle. It's particularly suited to immersion brew methods (think plunger), but we've been brewing it in the roastery on all manner of methods, including espresso, and its stacked up every time.

Now lets circle back to the cooperative. Cooperativa dos Agricultores Familiares de Poço Fundo (Coopfam) is a 447-member cooperative located in the mountain town of Poço Fundo, in the state of Minas Gerais, Southeast Brazil. The region is well known for coffee production, with most harvesting done by hand due to the mountainous terrain.

The cooperative was the first in Brazil to become Fairtrade certified in 1998, and is made up of families who pride themselves on producing quality Fairtrade organic coffee. They're guided by the principle that “to be good for one, it has to be good for all”, which has led to their 'Chain of Good' initiative. The initiative encompasses four fundamental pillars: coffee, environment, family and community. These projects benefit not just the cooperative members, but also entire communities. Read more about Coopfam and the Chain of Good here.

To support the 'Chain of Good', and drink some really good coffee while you're at it — get your hands on a bag of Poço Fundo here.


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