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Behind the Bar — Natnaree Deenonngiw

March 30, 2021

Behind the Bar — Natnaree Deenonngiw

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We were lucky to catch Nat. A woman with endless talents, she's one of the founders of both How Are You? (see here) and Knead (see here), and she had one of the best barista CV's to ever land in our laps. Thanks, Universe.

Nat worked for Roots Coffee in Bangkok for almost 3 years and is now part of the team at our coffee bar in Commercial Bay in downtown Auckland. We asked her a few quick questions about her journey into, and love for, the coffee industry and we hope you enjoy getting to know her a little better below!

What is your first memory of coffee?
My first memory about coffee is from when I was young. I saw my parents had coffee every morning and that was first time I fell in love with smell. My first coffees started with lattes but these days I prefer to drink black coffee.

How did you first get into the coffee industry, and what do you love the most about it?
Firstly I jumped into the industry because I love to spend time in cafés. I just love the atmosphere and I thought it could be great if I can work there and can get bottomless cups haha. But more than that, I really wanted to know how to make a good coffee.

Like I said I love the atmosphere and love meeting people. We welcome them with a big smile and a good brew. We’re not just making the coffee but I think we help the customer have a good day. We’re a community, friends, family.

Above — Nat with the Roots Coffee team visiting coffee farms in Northern Thailand & making her favourite V60 at Roots the COMMONS BKK.  

And what made you want to work at our Commercial Bay coffee bar?
Before I came to New Zealand, I researched where the best coffee is in Auckland and Kōkako was my answer :) Not just delicious but I admired the commitment to Fairtrade organic and sustainable coffee.

When you’re not pulling shots, what will we find you doing?  
I love to go to gigs, eat out, and I love to spend time at home experiment some new things. Now I’m really into making candles!

Above — Nat pictured with the other Knead co-founders, some of their work and Nat's candles

What's your favourite coffee?
Short black, I enjoy sipping the coffee and trying to figure out what the coffee taste is like. It’s my favourite.

And when you're not drinking coffee, what do you drink?
8 glasses of water a day if I can and a negroni when I go out.

Best coffee moment to date?
Going to Roots the COMMONS BKK – It’s a sexy one for me. There's just 5 seats which makes it feel like you’re going to a bar. They serve a beautiful coffee.

If you could use only one piece of brewing equipment for the rest of your life, what would that be?
V60 – I love when I’m brewing with this equipment because you have to be patient and concentrate. It feels like meditation to me haha. It’s neat.

Can you please also draw us a picture of your favourite building in Auckland?
Sky tower – it’s an icon of Auckland isn’t it?



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