Banana Coffee.. milk? Kelly Gibney shares her recipe with us.

To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight, our good friend Kelly Gibney (local chef and creative), paired us with our favourite Fairtrade friends - All Good Bananas. The result is this Banana Coffee Milk which might be a tad surprising but it’s perfectly creamy and slightly sweet taste is a glorious way to start the day.



Banana Coffee Milk
Serves 2
1 cup milk (you can use a non-dairy milk like - almond or coconut)
1 ripe All Good banana
1 ½ cups cold brewed Mahana coffee or cooled coffee (you can find our cold brew kit for home, here)
Ice cubes as needed

Blend the banana and milk until completely silky smooth. If necessary, strain
through a sieve. If you prefer a sweeter coffee, add ½ - 1 teaspoon of honey to
the blender.

Fill a glass with ice cubes. Top with the cooled coffee and the banana milk. Enjoy